livBIM is a compact yet efficient Decision Support System, that helps with smart building techniques.
Made as a construction support tool by people of the construction industry, this application builds a strong foundation to make informed decisions upon.

Construction is a complex process.
Involving a lot of work, resources, and individuals

livBIM Helps you in

How it works

livBIM harnesses the power of Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology, and combines historical data with real-time updates to predict future requirements in advance.

How it works

livBIM harness the power of BIM technology and combines historical data with real-time updates to predict the need of future.

Real time updates

The Power of Cloud

livBIM captures the data on-site, and syncs it in real-time with Cloud; making it easier to access just-in-time information, anytime, anywhere. This leads to better dynamic-planning for maximum resource optimization.



Supports Multiple Formats

livBIM keeps track of labour, resources, and material involved in various tasks of the project on a daily basis. This data can later be used to generate reports of various formats, as per client requirement, to ensure a smooth process-flow of the project.


Predictive analysis

Harness Data

livBIM analyses the integrated BIM Document, User Reporting, and Historical Data to calculate the material initially required for any task. Based on this analysis, it also predicts the quantity of material required for future tasks.


Superior ROI

Faster delivery

livBIM houses various efficient collaboration tools and tracking mechanisms that manage to compress the project timelines by up to 12%. By delivering projects faster, livBIM can achieve an ROI of up to 400%.


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